Plasma cutter

VECTOR WELDING® plasma cutter with contact or pilot ignition

VECTOR WELDING® Plasma cutters are the best tool for cutting metals. A plasma jet generated by electricity melts the material and removes it with compressed air, creating a precise cut. All conductive metals can be cut with this process. Depending on the device, you are offered a maximum cutting thickness of 10-40mm - pure separating cuts even up to 50mm. Thanks to the most modern, powerful IGBT technology , VECTOR WELDING® Plasma-CUT devices are durable and offer full performance.

VECTOR WELDING® offers the full range of manual plasma cutters. You can choose between devices with single-phase or three-phase alternating current. Our plasma burners are comfortably equipped, with high-frequency contact / or pilot ignition as required

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Our plasma cutters are best for professional work on separating Materials suitable. As a rule, sheets are made from a wide variety of materials Materials cut to size or metal cutouts made. All Conductive metals can be cut. The plasma cutter & nbsp; from VECTOR WELDING & reg; & nbsp; meet the highest Requirements and deliver clean results. We work constantly developing to bring you the best plasma cutter to be able to present in the market. Simple Handling and useful functions are just like the clean working methods and sustainability are taken into account. The plasma cutter works energy-saving and still has a very high performance.

Our & nbsp; VECTOR WELDING & reg; are plasma cutter divided into two main groups:

  1. The plasma cutter with contact ignition require a contact to the Workpiece to work. & nbsp;
  2. At a pilot ignition, on the other hand, is the ignition initiated contactless.

Best results for every project

A plasma torch is used for processing metals the most effective solution. A selection of different models and useful plasma cutter functions enable the best results for every project. Of course we would be happy to support you if you have a plasma cutter want to buy or have problems with one already have existing equipment. Get one today Plasma cutter online at VECTOR WELDING & reg ;.

The plasma cutting takes place by an enormously hot arc that breaks the material melts. The separation of the materials is done with the Supply of compressed air or a gas mixture achieved. Often just use compressed air, just for special a gas mixture is used for demanding cuts. The gas prevents oxidation at the interface and takes care of it finest cuts. The arc with a plasma cutter arises from high electrical voltage between two electrodes, or an electrode and the workpiece. The arc is from bundled with an isolated nozzle and can therefore can be used in a targeted manner.

Not only through our qualitative plasma cutter alone there are many advantages, including plasma cutting in itself is an effective process and is one of the most economical Cutting method. There is less impact on the material than with oxy-fuel cutting and only requires little or no post processing. The surface does not have to be in advance be treated great and you can Oily or painted surfaces and rusty steel get cut. In principle, everyone can Household items with a plasma cutter edited.

The plasma is ionized gas, thereby unclean cuts can occur with fast movements. The Cuts from a plasma cutter can either be done manually or machine-controlled his. The machine control ensures a fine Cut, whereas manual guidance requires a bit of skill is in demand.

In addition to high-quality plasma torches For industry or home, we have of course also suitable plasma cutter accessories For daily use and also for special projects. Buy online today at VECTOR WELDING®.

How does a plasma cutter work?

During plasma cutting, the metal is exposed to heat of the plasma is liquefied. Due to the high kinetic energy of the Plasma gas volume flow becomes the liquefied material then blown out. A distinction is made between two Modes of operation. With direct plasma cutting, a Transferred arc between the non-consumable Electrode, which acts as a cathode, and the workpiece, the serves as an anode. In indirect plasma cutting, the Nozzle or a consumable wire as the anode connected to the Cathode forms a non-transmitted arc.

Plasma cutters cut metals by means of a plasma generated by an electric arc. These devices are used for plasma fusion cutting, or for short Plasma cutting, used. It is a Manufacturing process belonging to the group of thermal cutting heard. With the help of a plasma cutter you can Metals with a thickness between 0.5 mm and 160 mm can be cut.

Advantages of plasma cutting

There are hardly any alternatives for medium and high metal thicknesses to the plasma cutter . He yields one high performance, resulting in very high cutting speeds can be realized. The cuts made with plasma cutting are almost smooth and right angled. Neither a post-processing of the cuts, nor one Preparation of the material is necessary. The Heat input and the material distortion are at the Plasma cutting very little. There is also a lower one Hardness than, for example, with oxy-fuel cutting. One Another advantage of plasma cutting is the cost of a plasma cutter caused. They are significantly lower than with others Cutting processes, such as laser or Water jet cutting.

Applications of plasma cutters

The plasma cutting process is becoming multifaceted used. Both in steel and metal construction as well as in machine and Plant construction, in the automotive industry and in shipbuilding as well as in Pipeline, bridge and crane construction come Plasma cutter for use. Also found as part of fire fighting equipment these devices use. They are used, among other things, to get people out of their vehicles in case of accidents free.

Plasma cutter at VECTOR WELDING & reg; buy

Our devices differ in those with Contact ignition and those that are contactless with Pilot rounds work. Both variants are great suitable for professional work. Plasma cutting devices with contact ignition need a contact to the workpiece. On the other hand, cutting systems with pilot rounding are required no contact with the workpiece to be processed. All our Devices are characterized by easy handling as well as a exact and clean way of working. Despite their energy-saving Our plasma cutting devices function very well high performance. Due to the large selection that we offer you, you will find the right device for every project. Our bestsellers are, for example, the PARIS 500 PROFI, the through its compact and lightweight design for Provides great mobility, as well as the VECTOR WELDING® Professional with overheating protection and high Duty cycle.

Plasma cutter accessories and more

In addition to high-quality plasma cutter n you can find the necessary accessories at and, such as Ceramic caps and nozzles, electrodes and burners. Others too Devices, such as welding machines, Welding torches and electrode welding machines we have on offer for you. We have been the experts since 1996 at your side, on whom you can rely on your own Production facility of more than 5,000 m & sup2; and 60 Employees can leave at any time. The height Quality of our equipment is for us of course. With our advanced products We meet the highest demands with it every project succeeds. Should there still be complaints come, you have a money-back guarantee with us.

The best thing to do is convince yourself of ours excellent service from advice, sales, repairs, spare parts and accessories warehouse as well as worldwide shipping of our products. The test welding is also on site with us Appointments possible. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.