The VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH products were subjected to strict controls within the scope of quality assurance and were carefully checked and tested.

VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH grants all customers who purchase electronic welding machines and/or plasma cutters directly from VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH a three-year/five-year durability guarantee*) in the sense of § 443 BGB (German Civil Code) in addition to the legal defect claims of the German Civil Code (BGB) in accordance with the following guarantee conditions

1. Guarantor

The guarantor is the company:

Hansestrasse 101
51149 Köln
Telefon: +49 (0)2203 5710150
E-Mail: info@vector-welding.com


The guarantee must be asserted against the guarantor.


2. Territorial scope
The guarantee is valid throughout Europe.


3. Material scope
The three-year/five-year warranty is only valid for electronic welding equipment and plasma cutters.


4. Technical scope
The warranty covers the components mentioned in 11. It does not extend to the housing and its external components and connecting parts, such as, for example, in the case of welding equipment, the hose package or the earth clamp. Nor does it cover accessories supplied with the unit that are not used inside the unit.


5. Subsequent delivery authority
VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH is entitled to deliver a new device instead of repairing it.


6. Exclusion of further claims, in particular for damages
There are no further claims under the guarantee. In particular, there are no claims for damages and in particular no claims for compensation for consequential damages.


7. Duration and beginning of the guarantee
The warranty period is 3/5 years*) and begins with the date of invoice.


8. Relationship to legal warranty
The guarantee applies in addition to the statutory claims for defects. These are in no way limited by the guarantee.


9. Assertion
The warranty is to be asserted for customers who have purchased directly from VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH by sending the repair request in text form (letter or email) to VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH and at the same time sending the device to the address mentioned in 1. Customers who have purchased a VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH welding machine or Plasma cutter from a dealer authorised by VECTOR WELDING® should address their request to the dealer. In both cases, the original invoice showing the serial number of the device must be presented in order to assert the warranty.


10. Shipping costs
The costs of shipping to VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH are borne by the customer. The costs of the return shipment from VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH to the customer are borne by VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH.


11. Warranty services
The warranty covers free replacement of parts and labour in the first, second and third year - in the fourth and fifth year the repair of necessary material.


*) 5 years warranty on:

  • Main transformer
  • Output choke
  • Secondary rectifier

*) 3 years warranty on:

  • Power source
  • Wire feeders
  • Cooling units

12. Exclusion of warranty
The guarantee is excluded if the defect is caused by improper handling of the device. If the device has not been properly maintained and a defect occurs in the course of this, the warranty does not apply. The warranty is excluded in particular if the defect is due to the customer not following the instructions for use or if the customer himself has carried out repair work inside the device. The guarantee is also excluded if the defect was caused by a random event from outside.


13. Warranty claim
When making a claim under warranty, please contact VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH or a partner authorised by VECTOR WELDING® Technology GmbH exclusively. Replacement or repair does not extend the warranty period. There is no claim to the provision of a loan or replacement product during the repair or replacement period.