Welding torches

Discover high-quality welding torches for professional applications.

Welcome to our "Welding Torches" category, where you will find a wide selection of premium torches for various welding processes. Our focus is on offering you VECTOR WELDING® torches that meet the highest standards of performance and precision.

TIG welding torches

For precise and demanding TIG welding tasks, we recommend our TIG welding torches. They are versatile and enable you to perform fine welding work in various application areas. VECTOR WELDING® offers hose packages suitable for any TIG welding machine, with different lengths and connections such as 9mm or 13mm nozzle, quick gas release, or M16 (1.5) thread. Our TIG welding torches are the perfect choice for professional welders who require utmost precision and control.

MIG MAG welding torches

For smooth welding and excellent results, we recommend our MIG MAG welding torches. With their automatic wire feeding, they provide easy handling and deliver outstanding welding results, even in hard-to-reach areas. You can conveniently adjust the wire feed speed and current, allowing you to work with wires of different thicknesses. VECTOR WELDING® offers the suitable welding machine and the right welding torch for every project. Remember to regularly replace the consumables to avoid issues with the torch. Our MB-15 torch is optimal for welding operations up to 150A, while the MB-25 is the right choice for higher welding currents.

Plasma cut torches

In our category, you will also find a diverse selection of plasma torches. Whether you are using a handheld or CNC plasma cutter, we have the perfect torch for you. Our hose packages offer various connector combinations, including threaded connectors, quick gas releases, 2/5 or 7-pin plugs, 9mm/13mm nozzle, and Euro central connection. VECTOR WELDING® provides plasma torches that perfectly match your plasma cutting devices, whether they are from our brand or third-party manufacturers.

Trust in the quality and performance of our welding torches. With VECTOR WELDING®, you can approach your welding projects with confidence, precision, and reliability. Find the right welding torch in our category and experience outstanding welding results.