Automatic Welding Helmets

Automatic welding helmet from VECTOR WELDING® offers all the important functions at an excellent price / performance ratio

The automatic Welding helmet has the advantage that they darken fully automatically as soon as the arc appears. The Automatic welding helmets Can be used for welding and Plasma cutting be used. The welding mask provides protection from Splashes, sparks, UV rays dun heat. Thanks to the automatic function darken the protective masks automatically as soon as the Arc appears. If this goes out, the visor brightens on.

Compatible with everyone Welding machines and plasma cutters from every manufacturer

All automatic welding helmets from VECTOR WELDING® work independently of the respective welder.

  • Light sensor with adjustable light intensity
  • Adjustable response time
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fatigue-free work when welding
  • Batteries included
  • Independent of the welding machine

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