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VECTOR WELDING® Electrode welding machines with a top price / performance ratio

VECTOR WELDING® offers a wide range of electrode welding machines. In the MMA welding process, also called STICK or MMA welding, covered electrodes are used. In this welding process, the electrodes are an arc carrier and filler metal in one. Thanks to the latest IGBT technology, VECTOR WELDING® devices offer optimal performance, which makes our devices particularly durable.

Of course you have the choice between devices with single-phase or three-phase alternating current.

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With us you get high quality electrode welding machines from our own company and thus directly from the manufacturer. We have different models for professional use and home use. With us you will find the right inverter welding machine for the most varied areas of application and of the highest quality. Our electrode welding machines have practical functions to make work easier and are equipped with the latest technology. The E welding device can also be used to join very thick materials and the work can also be carried out outdoors.

When welding with the electric welding device , an arc is created on the welding device electrode , which is responsible for the material and the stick electrodes used melts. This is why it is sometimes referred to as a arc welder . The coating of the welding electrodes releases gases when melting, which keep the arc stable. These gases prevent oxidation of the weld seam and ensure the finest results with little blistering. A slag is also generated and lies over the weld seam, which also achieves better results.

The electrode welding devices can work with different welding electrodes . There are rutile or basic stick electrodes . With the rutile electrode rods , a clean seam can be produced relatively easily and good results can be achieved. The basic welding electrodes can also carry out demanding work, for example if the workpiece is upside down.

Especially in the DIY sector, the electrode welding machines are often used. The electrode welding inverter contains a transformer, surrounded by a portable and lightweight housing for convenient use. The devices are also so popular because they are available at affordable prices and only one power source is required for use. The electric welders can also be used outdoors and achieve excellent results even in bad weather. The powerful devices can also work with thicker sheets and workpieces.

The quality of our electrode welding machines is extremely good and designed for demanding applications. A long service life and clean results guarantee that you will enjoy our devices for a long time. We are happy to advise you if you want to buy a electrode welding machine or support for your existing E welding machine need. All machines are efficient and energy-saving in their use, and they also offer the highest level of comfort thanks to their clever and easy-to-use functions.

Electrode welding devices - high quality and efficient

If you are looking for an electrode welder, you should buy a high quality, durable machine. At VECTOR WELDING you get high quality electrode welding devices directly from the manufacturer. We offer you different models for home and professional use. With us you will find the right inverter welding machine with high quality for different areas of application.

Our devices are equipped with the latest technology and are characterized by practical functions that make work easier. The electrode welding devices enable the joining of very thick materials. In addition, the work can also take place outdoors. In the following, you can find out more about our devices and the advantages they offer.

Electrode welding device - advantages and areas of application

The electrode welding devices are mainly used in the DIY sector. In the electrode welding inverter there is a transformer which is surrounded by a light and portable housing. This contributes to comfortable use. The electrode welder is advantageous because it is already available at a low price. Furthermore, only one power source is needed for use. Our devices can be used outdoors in any weather and deliver excellent results.

Our products are powerful and can work with thicker workpieces and sheet metal. Our electrode welding devices are characterized by their high quality and are suitable for demanding applications. The devices are designed in such a way that they guarantee clean results and a long service life. This means that you can rely on our devices and enjoy our products for a long time. We would be happy to advise you on our welding equipment before purchasing and offer help with existing equipment. The devices we offer are energy-saving and efficient to use. Furthermore, they offer a high level of comfort through ease of use and clever functions.

Electrode welding devices - the function

When you weld with the electrode welding machine, an arc is created on the welding machine electrode. This causes the material and the stick electrodes used to melt. Because of this, it is sometimes referred to as an arc welder. The welding electrode sheath releases gases during use, which keep the arc stable. Oxidation of the weld seam is prevented by means of the gases. Furthermore, these ensure the finest results with hardly any blistering. In addition, a slag is generated that lies over the weld seam. This will produce better results.

The electrode welding device can work with different welding electrodes. There are basic or rutile rod electrodes. The basic welding electrodes are able to carry out demanding work. It is the case when the workpiece is upside down. Using the rutile electrode rods, you can create a clean seam relatively easily and achieve good results.

High quality welding equipment

Our welding machines are suitable for safe and tough use in assembly and construction. The MMA professional machines are elastic and have a metal housing. The welding electrode even ignites on a generator or on long power cables. Our devices have soft switching inverter technology that is digitally controlled. These ensure a stable arc and also enable problem-free welding for special electrodes.

The devices have been specially developed for cellulose electrodes. They are 100 percent safe for vertical weld seams and guarantee professional welding performance. Our devices are powerful and have a high utilization of 60 percent at 200A, which is part of the international standard. The following two electrode welding machines are available in our online shop: Vector digital professional welding machine DC E161 Inverter Lift and Vector digital professional welding machine DC E201 inverter. The products we offer are newly developed and equipped with the latest power electronic technology. This enables us to achieve improved reliability and customer satisfaction. The devices are CE certified and have a three-year guarantee on parts. The transformer has a five year guarantee.