TIG Torches

TIG welding torch by VECTOR WELDING® for demanding and powerful TIG welding

In order to be able to carry out fine TIG welding work, a flexible TIG welding torch is the basic requirement. They enable precise welding work in many areas of application. Here, VECTOR WELDING® Hose packages suitable for every TIG welding machine - in various lengths and connections. Depending on the welding machine, we offer hose packages with 9mm or 13mm mandrels and gas quick release or M16 (1.5) thread.

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A water-cooled TIG welding torch is recommended from a welding current of 200A. This ensures an excellent welding result, even with high and long-lasting loads.

With the button for TIG welding torch, the welding current can be conveniently set directly on the torch. The rotary potentiometer is suitable for the VECTOR WELDING® TIG welding torch "Digital".