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Plasma Torch from VECTOR WELDING® suitable for our Plasma Cutters and third party Plasma Cutters

In our assortment you will find a wide range of Plasma Torches, both for Manual and CNC Plasma Cutters. Our selection of hose packages offers a variety of connections, so there is a suitable torch for almost every Plasma Cutter. In our offer we have plasma torches with connection combinations of threaded connections, as well as gas quick connectors, 2.5 or 7 pole plugs, 9mm /13mm mandrel and Euro central connection.

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Plasma Cutter Technology

Plasma Cutter uses a compressor to compress air which is forced through a small nozzle opening inside the Plasma Torch. An electric arc generated by the external power supply, the Plasma Cutter, is introduced into this high-pressure gas stream. This creates the "plasma jet". The plasma jet reaches temperatures of over 20,000° C, penetrates quickly through the workpiece and blows away the molten material.

The Plasma Cutter method enables precise cutting of all metals. The quality of the cut is always dependent on the material being processed. A much more precise result can be achieved with a robot-guided torch than with the same, but manually guided cutting process.

Cut plasma torch - high quality and reliable welding torch

Demanding welding work requires welding torches and welding cables of high quality. When buying a welding torch, you should therefore pay particular attention to durability, robustness and good quality. Vector Welding specializes in high-quality welding torches that promise the best results without much effort. We offer you devices such as our Cut Plasma torch and TIG welding torch, which are perfectly tailored to a varied work day.

Since our products are in constant development, we can offer you the latest and best machines. This enables us to offer you the best possible working conditions. In our online shop you can get different welding torches, which have different functions and strengths. In addition to welding torches, we can provide you with important accessories such as welding cables, earth cables, hose packages and welding consumables. Below is an overview of our welding torches and various Cut Plasma torches .

Welding torches - a wide variety

At Vector Welding you will find various welding torches that meet your requirements. The product selection ranges from popular TIG welding torches, popular oxy-fuel welding torches to MAG torches and plasma torches. Our devices are characterized by their first-class quality and reliability. In addition to the excellent quality, you benefit from our low prices. You can also choose from welding torch sets that are available at lower prices compared to individually purchased devices.

Let us advise you on our devices such as the Cut Plasma Burner and find the right model for your work. We will help you with the selection and inform you about the individual details and properties of the devices. The devices from Vector Welding impress with their robustness and the reinforced wear parts, which guarantee a long service life for the devices. Our devices enable resource-saving welding work and impress with their low operating costs. Vector Welding welding machines and plasma cutters are known worldwide and enjoy great popularity. They are known for the fact that the devices work reliably even in extreme conditions.

Welding torch for different jobs

In our online shop you can find welding torches that meet your needs. Depending on your requirements, devices such as welding torches with acetylene oxygen, MIG torches or gas welding torches are available for various work. The devices are made of high quality materials. The latest technologies and user-friendly design make work easy and pleasant. We offer welding torches such as Cut Plasma Torches with sophisticated functions and high-quality manufacturing. The most commonly used welding torches are the transmitting arc models. In addition to this variant, there are welding torch models with a non-transmitting arc. Order our products and look forward to fast delivery.

Cut plasma torch - different models

You can order numerous Cut Plasma Burners with different properties and designs in our online shop. The length can vary depending on the plasma torch. AG-60 basic plasma torch 70A, AG-60 plasma torch 70A, AG-60 plasma torch 70A with gas thread and AG-60 plasma torch with gas quick release can be ordered. Vector Welding also has P80 plasma torches Pilot 120 A, PT-31 plasma torches 50 Basic, PT 100 plasma torches for C101 6M and PT 80 plasma torches for C71 6M. The AG-60 basic plasma torch is available in lengths of 4.5 m and 8 m. The device weighs 1.50 kg. The working pressure is 3-8 bar. The cutting thickness is a maximum of 10-14 mm. The AG-60 plasma torch 70A is controlled by an on / off button.

In addition to our online shop, you can also visit us on site in Cologne. Take a look around us and convince yourself of our high-quality devices and the large selection. Our service includes test welding, showroom, repair service, logistics center as well as our devices and accessories. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or in writing by e-mail. We are at your disposal and provide comprehensive advice on the desired product.