MIG welder with/without gas 165A, MMA 160A, IGBT, set with welding helmet, 2kg wire & accessories | MIG165
Item number: M2165B1

MIG welder with/without gas 165A, MMA 160A, IGBT, set with welding helmet, 2kg wire & accessories | MIG165

Item number: M2165B1
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VECTOR WELDING MIG / MAG welding machine MIG 165 set

MIG / MAG 30-165A

2 bars / 4 bars

MMA / electrode 30-160A


including 1kg no gas welding wire, 1kg steel welding wire, welding helmet & accessory set

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Filler wire welding welding machine MIG MAG 165A

item number: M2165B


With 6kg, the MIG165 by VECTOR WELDING is a light one and thus mobile filler wire welding machine. The welding machine offers the possibility of and welding without gas. The MIG165 can & nbsp; operate completely without gas and & nbsp; with it very flexible can be used. You need no-gas for this Welding wire, this one lets through its chemical Composition when welding a protective atmosphere arise, the supply of gas is not necessary. The MIG165 also has a Gas connection, so it can be welded using gas be. & nbsp;

The welding process with its automatic Wire feed works for many Welding applications, also for working on difficult to reaching places. The device performs in the MIG Mode & nbsp; 30-165A, in MMA mode (Electrode welding) 30-160A and 10-160A in optional TIG mode.


  • Welding with automatic Wire feed . With and without gas!

  • The Wire feed speed can be regulated via the volts be: a higher volt leads to one slower wire feed, lower volts accelerate the Wire feed. A great benefit when an individual Setting is required.

  • Inductance: The device has Via a continuously adjustable throttle. These Smooths the welding current and changes it Rate of current rise so that the Weld seam quality and / precision is improved.

  • MMA / STICK / E-HAND: wrapped electrodes come too Use - in this process are the electrodes Arc beam and welding accessory in one.

  • Hotstart: each time the Welding equipment is provided with overcurrent and thereby supports the ignition of the arc.

  • Arc Force: Melted Material is more easily transferred to the workpiece. Prevents going out of the arc when it makes contact through this material comes between the electrode and the weld pool.

  • Anti-Stick switches the welding generator automatically switches off when the electrode is on Workpiece sticks and has to be removed by hand without the Electrode clamp closed damage.

  • DC-TIG Welding (optional: only possible with additional hose package and lines): Welding of almost all metals

  • Lift Arc: The ignition takes place on contact with to the Workpiece, then the burner can be lifted and The welding process starts with the selected ones Parameters.

  • modern IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) enables fast and thus low-loss switching electrical currents

  • Overheating protection


Mig Mag welder welding machine Mig 165a features


setting range Welding current (MIG / MAG mode)
30 - 165 A
setting range Welding current (MMA / STICK mode)
30 - 160 A
setting range Welding current (TIG mode)
10 - 160 A
duty cycle (ED) MIG / MAG 40 ° C 165 A at 22 V 60%
duty cycle (ED) MMA / STICK 40 ° C 160 A at 26.4V 60%
duty cycle (ED) TIG 40 ° C
160 A at 16.4V 60%
Mains voltage
1 x 230 volt
Grid frequency
50 - 60 Hz
Degree of protection
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
320 x 125 x 250
Weight in kg
EN60974-1 / IEC60974-1
wire diameter 0.6 / 0.8


setting range welding current (MIG/MAG  mode)30 - 145 A
setting range welding current (MMA/STICK mode)30 - 140 A
setting range welding current (TIG mode)10 - 140 A
duty cycle (ED) MIG/MAG 40°C145 A at 22 V 60%
duty cycle (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C140 A at 26,4V 60%
duty cycle (ED) TIG 40°C140 A at 16,4V 60%
mains voltage1 x 230 Volt
mains frequency50 - 60 Hz
protection classIP23
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)290 x 125 x 250
weight in kg5, 5
standardsEN60974-1 / IEC60974-1

MIG 165 Scope of delivery:


MIG/MAG welding machine 165 MIG
MIG/MAG torch: AK-14 (9 mandrel, 5 pole), 1.5m
electrode pliers (9 mandrel), 3m
ground clamp with ground cable (9 mandrel), 3m


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