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With us you get high-quality Electrode welding equipment from your own home and thus directly from the manufacturer. We offer different models for the professional application and the home area. You will find here the right inverter Swiss for a wide range of applications and the highest quality. Our Electrode Welding feature convenient features to make your work easier and are equipped with the latest technology. The E welding can also bond very thick materials and the work can also be done outdoors.

Welding with the Electro Weld will create an arc on the Welded Electrode that contains the material and the rod electrodes used melt lsst. It is sometimes referred to as Arc Welded. The sheath of the welding electrodes releases gases during melting that keep the arc stable. These gases prevent oxidation of the weld seam and provide the finest results with little blistering. Also a slag is generated and settles over the weld seam, which also gives better results.

The Electrode Welds can work with different Welding Electrodes . There are rutile or basic stick electrodes . The rutile Electrode Stem makes it relatively easy to create a clean seam and achieve good results. The basic welding electrodes can also perform demanding work, for example, when the work is overboard.

Especially in DIY, the Electrode welding equipment is often used. Inside the Electrode Welding Inverter is a transformer surrounded by a portable and light housing for convenient use. The appliances are also so popular because they are already available at low prices and only one power source is required for use. Even in the open air, the electrofusion can be used, giving excellent results even in bad weather. The powerful units can also work with thicker sheets and workpieces.

The quality of our Electrode Weld is extremely good and designed for demanding uses. A long service life and clean results guarantee a long pleasure with our appliances. We would be pleased to advise you if you would buy electrode or support for your existing E switzerland require. All machines are efficient and energy efficient to use, as well as offering the utmost in convenience through clever and easy-to-use features.