This VECTOR WELDING product has been subjected to rigorous control within the framework of VECTOR WELDING Quality Assurance and has been carefully tested and tested.

VECTOR WELDING Technology GmbH, Hansestrasse 101, 51149 Cologne grants the end customer a manufacturing guarantee according to the following provisions:

Warranty claim
VECTOR WELDING guarantees to the customer that the product delivered to the customer is within a guarantee period of, calculated from the date of purchase

On main rectifiers and main transformers

  • 5 years for the devices from the digital series
  • 3 years for Basic Series

On Power sources, wire feeders (The warranty covers all components inside the unit. In particular, it refers to the board and the inverter.

1 year on vector burner

II. Warranty

In the first, second and third year, the guarantee includes the free replacement of the parts as well as the working time - in the fourth and fifth year the necessary material for the repair.

Warranty Limitation
Non-reproducible software errors and parts subject to mechanical aging or natural wear are excluded from the warranty (eg wire feed units, wire feed rollers, spare / wear parts of wire feeders,
workpiece leads, electrode holders, connecting and extension cables, power and control cables, plugs) , Burner replacement / wear parts, solenoid valves, wheels, cooling liquid, etc.)

Guarantee Committee
There is no guarantee claim:

  • when the respective VECTOR WELDING products are not operated with original VECTOR accessories (such as hose packs, remote control, connecting cables, cooling fluid, etc.)
    and / or original VECTOR replacement and wear parts
  • in case of interference by persons not authorized by VECTOR.
  • in case of overloading of the products via the services and technical data specified in the operating instructions.
  • when not in use.
  • for improper modifications and / or repairs.
  • for partial or completely disassembled products.
  • for products that have been damaged by accident, misuse, improper use, improper installation, malfunction or deficiencies in the network, carelessness,
    use of force, ignoring the specifications and operating instructions, inadequate maintenance damage caused by foreign influences, natural disasters or personal accidents

Warranty Claim
When using the warranty, please contact VECTOR WELDING or a VECTOR WELDING Authorized Partner. In order to assert the guarantee, the original invoice showing the serial number of the device is required. At our request, the product shall be sent to us promptly at the risk and expense of the buyer. Excluded products are our property. Replacement or repair will not extend the warranty period. There is no claim to the position of a loan or replacement product during the repair or replacement period.

Legally-binding relationship
The statutory warranty rights of the customer against the respective seller are not affected by this guarantee. In particular, this guarantee does not restrict the rights (supplementary performance, rescission or reduction, compensation) of consumers within the meaning of § 13 BGB, which are inscribed in § 437 BGB (German Civil Code), if the product was not defect-free. The statutory rights of the customer exist irrespective of whether the warranty occurs and whether the guarantee is claimed or not.

General Notes
A few points must be observed in order to ensure a perfect functioning of the welding device. Depending on the degree of contamination of the environment and
the duration of use of the welding machine, regular cleaning and checking, as described below.

  • Maintenance, Intervals
  • Daily maintenance
  • Power supply and its strain relief
  • Welding current lines (check for tight, locked seat)
  • Gas hoses and their switching devices (solenoid valve)
  • Operating, signaling, protection and positioning devices (functional test)
  • Other, general state

Monthly Maintenance

  • Damage to the housing (front, rear and side walls)
  • Transport elements (, crane lugs, handle) / selector switches, command devices, EMERGENCY STOP devices,
    voltage reduction devices, signaling and control lights.

Treat the assemblies in detail as follows:

  • Power source: Blow out with oil- and water-free compressed air, depending on dust.
  • Electronics: Do not blast circuit boards and electronic components with the compressed air stream, but vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.

Jurisdiction and jurisdiction
If the customer is a merchant, a legal person of public law or a public-law fund or the customer does not have a general jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany,
exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes relating to this manufacturing guarantee and any disputes arising therefrom, Federal Republic of Germany.
German law applies to the exclusion of the UN purchase law.