Welding unit SET AC/DC TIG 200A Pulse With plasma cutter | NewYork 2500
Codice articolo: K1055VW1

Welding unit SET AC/DC TIG 200A Pulse With plasma cutter | NewYork 2500

Codice articolo: K1055VW1
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VECTOR WELDING welder & Plasma cutter New York 2500

AC/DC TIG 10-200A

PULSE Funktion


MMA/Electrode 10-170A

Plasma Cutter 50A


Job storage

COMPLETE SET welding device & plasma cutter with helmet, foot pedal and accessories

Welding equipment and plasma cutter new york 2500 Set

Article number: K1055VW1


The New York 2500 from Vector Welding is a combined device for welding and plasma cutting. With the adjustable AC/DC (AC/DC) mode, it can be used for all weldable metals, includingAluminium.

With 10-200A in TIG mode, 10-170A in MMA/electrode mode and plasma cutting with 10-50A the device is well suited for installation, repair, maintenance and DIY.

Die New York 2500 offers everything you need for metal welding or cutting work.

This article is a complete set consisting of a welding device with plasma cutter, welding helmet, foot pedal, tungsten electrodes, 3kg welding rods, as well as a comprehensive TIG and plasma accessory set.


  • 3in1 Combi-device: AC/DC TIG, MMA/STICK, Plasma cutting

  • AC/DC TIG welding: Processing of all weldable metals, including aluminum

  • The adjustable AC output frequency allows the operator to focus the arc and thus minimize the heat-affected zone.

  • The advanced AC balance control helps to maintain a pointed tungsten needle to keep the arc in the welding zoneWelding joint precisely.

  • pulse function: in pulse welding, the welding current alternates between output and peak current at the desired frequency. The longer the intervals, the less energy and heat is supplied to the workpiece

  • HF ignition (TIG/CUT)

  • 2 cycles/4 cycles

  • MMA/STICK/E-HAND: coated electrodes are used - in this process, the electrodes are the arc carrier and filler metal in one.

  • hotstart: every NRestarting the welding generator provides overcurrent and thus helps to ignite the arc.

  • arc-force: Melted material passes more easily to the workpiece. Prevents the arc from going out if this material causes contact between the electrode and the molten pool.

  • anti-stick: automatically switches off the welding generator if the electrode sticks to the workpiece and has to be detached by hand without damaging the electrode clamp.

  • plasma cutter: CUT function using a plasma beam generated by electricity. ThisThis melts the material and removes it with compressed air - a precise cut is produced. With this process all conductive metals can be cut (e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc.)

  • cutting thickness: maximum 12mm (hand-guided), quality cut 8mm (hand-guided)

  • modern IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) enables fast and therefore low-loss switching of electrical currents

  • job memory: the New York 2500 has 10 memory locations


New York 2500 welder with plasma cutter Set Funktionen


setting range welding current (TIG mode)
10 -200 A
setting range welding current (MMA/STICK mode)
setting range welding current (MMA/STICK mode)
setting range welding current (CUT mode)
20 - 50 A
duration of operation (ED) TIG 40°C
200 A at 18 V 40%
duration of operation (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C
170 A at 26.8 V 25%
Switch-on time (ED) Plasma cutter 40°C
50 A at 100 V 40%
Mains voltage
1 x 230 Volt
Mains frequency
50 - 60 Hz
Protection class
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
380 x 160 x 360
Weight in kg
EN60974-1 / EC60974-1
Maximum cutting capacity (hand-guided)
13 mm
Quality cutting capacity (hand-guided)
8 mm


1. display screen
5. on/off9. selection key
2. PULSE function
6. superheat display
10. hotstart/Arc Force/Anti Stick
3. 2 bar/4 bar
7. JOB and STORE
11. parameter settings
4. mode (MMA/WIG/CUT)
8. AC/DC mode

New York 2500 setting details
1. gas flow
5. secondary flow
9. final flow
2. start flow
6. pulsePulse width (%)
10. gas lag
3. current rise7. pulse frequency (Hz)
11. AC frequency
4. welding current (primary)
8. current reduction
12. AC balance


Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (WIG  Modus)
10 -200 A
EInstellbereich Schweißstrom (MMA/STICK Modus)
10 -170 A
Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (CUT Modus)
20 - 50 A
Einschaltdauer (ED) WIG 40°C
200 A bei 18 V 40%
Einschaltdauer (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C
170 A bei 26.8 V 25%
Einschaltdauer (ED) Plasmaschneider 40°C
50 A bei 100 V 40%
1 x 230 Volt
50 - 60 Hz
Maße in mm (L x B x H)
380 x 160 x 360
Gewicht in kg
EN60974-1 / EC60974-1
Maximale-Schnittkapazität (Hand geführt)
13 mm
Qualitäts-Schnittkapazität (Hand geführt)
8 mm

New York 2500 Scope of delivery:

AC/DC TIG welding machine with plasma cutter New York 2500
Automatic welding helmet
foot pedal remote control
WIG torch: WP 17  (9 mandrel, 5 pole), 4m with gas quick-acting closure
1kg TIG welding rods aluminium
1kg TIG welding rods stainless steel
1kg TIG welding rods steel
10x gas nozzles (2x per size 4,5,6,7,8)
4x clamping sleeve housing (2x per size 1.6 and 2.4)
4x clamping sleeves (2x per size 1.6 and 2.4)
2x fire caps (1xlong/1xshort)
10 pack tungsten electrodes (size 1,6 grey)
WIG- Set, 14 pieces
plasma torch: AG-60 (9 mandrel, 5 pole), 4m
AG-60 plasma wear parts set (25 parts)
electrode pliers (9 mandrel), 3m
ground clamp with ground cable (9 mandrel), 3m
water separator
gas connection hose

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