Welding torches and cables

VECTOR WELDING® Welding torch and welding cable, suitable for devices up to 300A

Only the best welding torches and welding cables should be used for demanding work. With our welding torches you will achieve the best results without much effort, as the equipment is perfectly adapted to a varied daily work routine. Our welding torches are constantly undergoing further development in order to present you with the latest and best machines and create optimum conditions for working. If you want to buy a welding torch, you have the choice between different welding torches with different functions and strengths. We also carry all the necessary welding cables, earth cables, hose packages and welding consumables.

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We have various welding torches on offer for you. The oxyacetylene welding torches are in great demand and the TIG welding torches are also frequently used. The MAG torch and plasma torch are also indispensable for many jobs and our customers trust in the constant quality and reliability of the equipment. With us you can not only get single devices at relatively low prices, but also with a welding torch set you can save money and you will get perfectly fitting components. We will be happy to advise and assist you in buying a welding torch so that you can use the best available equipment for your work. The welding torches are very robust and have specially reinforced wear parts for a long life. All welding work is carried out in a resource-saving manner and the welding torches convince with low operating costs.

The most common type of welding torch is with a transferring arc. A first pilot arc is ignited between an electrode and a nozzle and transferred to the material to be processed by a gas stream. Then the main arc is ignited and welding can begin, but only conductive metals can be processed with this method.

The second method of welding torches is the non-transmitting arc. The arc is located between the electrode and the nozzle, from which extremely hot plasma flows and melts the workpiece. This method can also be used for cutting glass, concrete and other materials, but does not achieve really clean cuts.

We have the right equipment for every wish, including welding torches with acetylene oxygen, MAG welding torches, MIG torches and of course welding torches gas for various jobs. Profit from the sophisticated welding torches from our company, which really leave nothing to be desired and are known for their high-quality production.