Welder SET DC TIG 200A welding helmet foot pedal accessories | 200D

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VECTOR WELDING welding machine DC TIG 200D

TIG 10-200A

High frequency ignition

MMA/Electrode 10-170A

Overheating protection


COMPLETE SET welder, welding helmet, foot pedal and accessories included

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The TIG 200 from Vector Welding is a DC TIG welder with 200A in TIG mode and 160A in MMA (electrode) mode.

Thanks to IGBT, the TIG 200 has a high pulse load capacity and offers a precise and efficient TIG welding process.

The HF ignition and the required control, power and working capacity, allows to perform a wide range of professional welding operations. The 6.2 kg light TIG 200 offers everything they need for metal welding.


  • DC TIG Welding: Welding of almost all metals

  • HF ignition (TIG)

  • 2 cycle/ 4 cycle

  • MMA/STICK/E-HAND: coated electrodes are used - in this process the electrodes are arc carrier and filler metal in one.

  • Hotstart: overcurrent is provided each time the welder is restarted, helping to ignite the arc.

  • Arc Force: molten material is more easily transferred to the workpiece. Prevents the arc from being extinguished if this material causes contact between the electrode and the molten pool.

  • Anti-stick automatically shuts down the welding generator if the electrode sticks to the workpiece and must be removed by hand without damaging the electrode clamp.

  • advanced IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) enables fast and thus low-loss switching of electrical currents

  • overheating protection


Welding current setting range (TIG mode) 10-200 A
Welding current setting range (MMA/STICK mode) 10 -160 A
Duty cycle (ED) TIG 40°C 200 A at 18V 25%
100A at 14V 100%
Duty cycle (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C 160 A at 26,4V 35%
80 A at 23,2V 100%
Mains voltage 1 x 230 Volt
Mains frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Protection class IP23
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 375 x 153 x 287
Weight in kg 6,2
Standards EN60974-1 / IEC60974-1
Shipping weight: 13,81 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 79,00 × 60,00 × 40,00 cm


setting range welding current (TIG  mode)
10-200 A
adjustment range welding current (MMA/STICK mode)
10 - 170 A
switch-on time (ED) TIG 40°C
200 A at 18 V 35%
switch-on time (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C
170 A at 26, 8 V 35%
mains voltage
1 x 230 Volt
mains frequency
50 - 60 Hz
protection class
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
375 x 153 x 287
weight in kg
6, 2
EN60974-1 / IEC60974-1
  • Welding machine
  • TIG torch: WP-26 (gas/electricity combined connection), 4m
  • Automatic welding helmet
  • Foot pedal remote control
  • 1kg TIG welding rods stainless steel
  • 1kg TIG welding rods steel
  • 10x tungsten electrodes (size 1,6 grey)
  • Gas connection hose
  • Electrode pliers 200A (9 mandrel), 3m cable
  • Ground tongs (9 mandrel), 3m cable
  • TIG wear parts-SET 20 pieces
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