VECTOR Milano2300 Kombi Welder DC MIG 200A MAG TIG MMA FCAW E-Hand Inverter 4 in1
Item number: M1057SWIM

VECTOR Milano2300 Kombi Welder DC MIG 200A MAG TIG MMA FCAW E-Hand Inverter 4 in1

Item number: M1057SWIM
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VECTOR WELDING MIG/MAG Schweißgerät Milano 2300

MIG/MAG 10-200A

2 Takt/4 Takt

MMA/Elektrode 10-170A



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Milan 2300


Light industrial Application:
Thin sheet metal fabrication workshops
Car repair
Shipyards and offshore industry
Stick (SMAW)
Input Power: 230V, 1-Phase
Amperage Range: 5-200A
Rated Output at 40 C (104 F):
MIG: 200A at 18V @ 40% Duty Cycle
MMA: 170A at 26.8V @ 30% Duty Cycle
WIG: 200A at 18V @ 40% Duty Cycle
Weight: 14 KG
For TIG and Stick Welding
Easier welding and economical choice.
Milan2300 is a very simple MIG/MAG welding machine, very easy to use even if without any experience, Super mobility of weight 14kg can let you do welding everywhere. Get in an economical cost it can also bring you MMA process so it could be also used for electrodes. Based on inverter system, Milan2300 offering fast arc response and precise arc ignition, also saves up to 50% on input power and increases tack and welding speed to twice that of traditional welding rectifiers.
Easy operation and full functions: From the control panel allowing fast adjustment of all necessary controls for DC TIG welding with HF ignition. It?s also very convenient to store or take out the welding parameters from the memory.
Specialist Features:
 Full digitized control system, new energy efficient IGBT inverter power source, very simple and friendly operations.
 Very clear wire melting drop transfer, very few spatters
Powerful peak current confirms deep penetration and wide welding capacity.
Dynamic control with a push of a button.
 Fast, precise, clean arc ignition to ensure the sccess ratio and arc ending.
 Weights at a mere 14 kg making it easy to carry around the shop or job site.

Outstanding Quality:
Newly designed using the latest power electronic technology for
improved reliability.
CE Certified.
2 ears Warranty on parts , 5 Years Warranty on Transformer
Technical specifications
Description SWIM DIGITAL Milan2300
Weight 14 kg
Power Source Dimensions H490mmxW225mmxD380mm
Cooling Fan Cooled
Welder Type Multi Process Inverter Power Source
European Standards EN 60974-1 / IEC 60974-1
Number of Phases 1
Nominal Supply Voltage 230V +/- 15%
Nominal Supply Frequency 50/60Hz
Welding Current Range ( STICK Mode) 10 - 170A
Welding Current Range ( MIG Mode) 10 - 200A
Welding Current Range ( WIG Mode) 10 - 200A
Effective Input Current /STICK /MIG 16.8A
Maximum Input Current/STICK/ MIG 30.9A
Single Phase Generator Requirement 15KVA
STICK (SMAW) Welding Output, 40oC, 10 min. 170A @ 30%, 26.8V
93A @ 100%, 23.7V
MIG (GTAW) Welding Output, 40oC, 10 min. 200A @ 40%, 18V
126A @ 100%, 15V
WIG (GTAW) Welding Output, 40oC, 10 min. 200A @ 40%, 18V

126A @ 100%, 15V
Open circuit voltage 60V DC
ProtectionClass IP23
General View of Control Panel
Control Panel Parameter Values
1. Power Indicator
2. Fault Indicator
3. JOB and SAVE
4. Digital Anmeter

5. Digital Voltmeter
6. Selecting function Button /Positive Control / Negative Control
7. Weld Process Selection Button
8. 2T - 4T Trigger Latch Button
9. 0.6/0.8/1.0/SPL
The short-circuiting metal transfer mode
The short-circuiting metal transfer mode
is the low heat input mode of metal transfer
for GMAW and has higher electrode
efficiencies, 93% or more. The low heat
input reduces weldment distortion and makes
it ideal for sheet metal thickness materials.
Dynamic Control
Arc setting:soft Arc setting:medium Arc setting:hard
Arc Crater
Arc Crater
Arc Dynamics
Dynamic control with a push of a button
You know how it is from experience. Every transformer system has its own unique characteristics.One system produces a slightly softer arc,while the next generates a slightly harder arc.More important,every welder has his own preference in terms of what he considers to be the perfect arc: softer and longer,shorter and harder or somewhere in between.This calls for a level of distinction that transformer systems simply cannot realise.Our system allows you to individually adjust the dynamics of the arc to adopt the work and welding position at hand and will find the simplest and fastest arc setting that is most suitable in each case.The rest of the job is carried out by the intelligent arc control technology incorporated into the background to achieve a perfect weld seam every time.
2-Rolls Drive System
2-Rolls wire-feeder with strong feeding motor.
2-rolls drive system delivers the electrode to the welding torch.
It provides a stable wire speed and is popular for industrial
For Standard accessories For Optional accessories
Argon gas regular
MIG torch: DGB 240W
Cooling Method: Water-Cooled
Rating: CO2 300A
Rating: Mixed Gas 270A
Duty Cycle: 100%
Wire Size: 0.8-1.2
Minimum Water Flow: 1.2 l/min
Minimum Water Inlet Pressure: 2.0Bar
Minimum Cooling Requirements: 900W
Maximum Water Inlet Pressure: 5.0Bar
Maximum Water Inlet Temperature: 50?
MIG torch: MB15AK
Euro Connector
Cable length 3M
Electrode holder
with cable2,5M200A
Earth clamp with cable 2.5M


Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (MIG/MAG  Modus)
10 - 200 A
Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (MMA/STICK Modus)
10 - 170 A
Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (WIG Modus)
10 - 200 A
Einschaltdauer (ED) MIG/MAG 40°C
200 A bei 18V 40%
Einschaltdauer (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C
170 A bei 26,8V 30%
Einschaltdauer (ED) WIG 40°C
200 A bei 18V 40%
1 x 230 Volt
50 - 60 Hz
Maße in mm (L x B x H)
490 x 225 x 380
Gewicht in kg
EN60974-1 / IEC60974-1
Drahtdurchmesser in mm

Milano 2300 Lieferumfang:

MIG/MAG Schweißgerät Milano 2300
MIG/MAG-Brenner: MB-15 (Eurozentralanschluss), 3m
Elektrodenzange (9 Dorn), 3m
Massezange mit Massekabel (9 Dorn), 3m

Manual Milano 2300

English Manual Milano 2300

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