VECTOR Digital Welding machine AC/DC TIG V341 Plus Inverter ALU TIG ARC MMA STICK Electrode

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Our Vector Digital welding machine device for challenging tasks. AC/DC TIG V341 Plus Inverter ALU TIG ARC MMA STICK Electrode DC TIG 300 A, Puls, MMA, . AC, TIG 300 A, TIG Puls, MMA/STICK 300 A, IGBT (Infineon)

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Light industrial Application:
Metal fabrication workshops
Shipyards and offshore industryy
For These materials:
Input Power: 400V, 3-Phase
Amperage Range: 10-300A
Rated Output at40 C (104 F):
TIG: 300A at 32V @50% Duty Cycle
MMA: 300A at 32V @50% Duty Cycle
Weight: 25KG
For TIG and Stick Welding
A total solution of precise AC/DC TIG welding machine
AC/DC V341 built base on the Mastertig System offers precise, expert AC/DC TIG welding process. It?s a precise aluminum welding specialist that suits all welded materials. Modular design allows you to build the package that best suits your needs. Easy operation and full functions: From the control panel allowing fast adjustment of all necessary controls for DC, AC TIG welding with either HF or contact ignition. It?s also very convenient to store or call out the welding parameters from the memory channels.

Specialist Features
Precision Arc Performance:
? DC+/DC-: Improved TIG starting. Now starts DC(-) to maintain a sharp tungsten.
? Lift-Arc start provides AC or DC arc starting without the use of high frequency.
? Adjustable AC output frequency allows the operator to focus the arc minimizing the heat affected zone
? Extended AC Balance Control helps maintain a pointed tungsten to direct the arc in the weld joint.
? Independent amplitude/amperage control allows EP and EN amperages to be set independently to precisely control heat input to the work and electrode.
? Multiple Waveshapes:
Standard Squarewave for fast travel speeds and excellent puddle control,
Sine wave for a traditional softer sounding arc,
Triangular wave to reduce the heat input into the weld at low amperage.
Soft squarewave for a soft buttery arc with maximum puddle control and good wetting action,
? Pilot Arc for superior arc performance and easy start.
? HF or Non-HF Arc ignition: reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency.
? Continuous Output Control: focus the arc for different material thickness.
? Rapid Arc Restrike: fast cutting through gaps, even expanded metal.
? Powerful with heavy duty: 300A @50%.
? 10 channels memory capacity
Outstanding Quality:
? Newly designed using the latest power electronic technology for improved reliability.
? CE Certified.
Technical specifications
Weight 25 kg
Power Source Dimensions H590mmxW270mmxD450mm
Cooling Fan Cooled
Welder Type Inverter Power Source
European Standards EN 60974-1 / IEC 60974-1
Number of Phases 3
Nominal Supply Voltage 400V +/- 15%
Nominal Supply Frequency 50/60Hz
Welding Current Range (DC STICK Mode) 10 - 300A
Welding Current Range (DC TIG Mode) 10 - 300A
Effective Input Current /STICK /TIG 21.5A/14.8A
Maximum Input Current/STICK/ TIG 30.4A/20.9A
Single Phase Generator Requirement 12.1KVA
STICK (MMA) Welding Output, 40oC, 10 min. 300A @ 50%, 32V / 212A @ 100%, 28.5V
TIG (GTAW) Welding Output, 40oC, 10 min. 300A @ 50%, 32V / 212A @ 100%, 28.5V
Open circuit voltage 70.0-80.0V DC
Protection Class IP23S
General View of Control Panel
Control Panel Parameter Values
1. RESET buttonr
2. Pulse Button
3. Trigger Mode Control Button
4. Process Selection Button
5. Digital Ammeter
6. Digital Voltmeter / Parameter meter

7. Power ON Indicator
8. Thermal Overload Indicator Light
9. JOB and SAVE
10. Programming Parameter
11. Purge Button
13. Forward Programming Button
12. Mode Button
14. Back Programming Button
15. Positive Control
16. Negative Control
General View of Contrl Panel(Continued)
Item Symbol Description
1 Gas Pre-Flow Absolute setting range 0.1s to 20s (0.1S increments)
2 Initial Current The main current Setting range 10-200AMP
3 Up Slope Setting ranges :0.1S-10S (0.1S increments)
4 Peak Current Setting ranges
10AMP to 300AMP (DC TIG mode), 10 to 300A (AC HF TIG mode)
5 Base Current Setting ranges
10AMP to 300AMP (DC TIG mode), 10AMP to 300AMP (AC HF TIG mode)
6 Pulse Width Setting ranges 10%-90%
7 Pulse
Setting ranges 1HZ -200HZ
8 Down Slope Setting ranges 0.1-10s
9 End current Setting ranges 10A-100A
10 Post Flow Setting ranges 1-20S
11 AC Frequency Setting ranges 50HZ-200HZ
12 Wave Balance Setting arranges 10%-50%
13 Hot Start Hot Start Function reliably ignites the electrode and melts perfectly to ensure the best quality even at the start of the seam.
14 Arcforce
During the welding process, arcforce prevents the electrode sticking in the weld pool
with increases in current.
AC Waveshape Controls
AC Frequency control
Controls the width of the arc cone. Increasing the AC Frequency provides a more focused arc with increased directional control. Note: Decreasing the AC Frequency softens the arc and broadens the weld puddle for a wider weld bead.
AC Balance Control
Controls arc cleaning action.
Adjusting the% EN of the AC wave controls the width of the etching zone surrounding the weld. Note: Set the AC Balance control for adequate arc cleaning action at the sides and in front of the
weld puddle. AC Balance should be fine tuned according to how heavy or thick the oxides are.
DC TIG-Pulse
? High Speed DC TIG-Pulse Controls
? PPS Pulses per second (Hz): DC=0.1- 5,000 PPS
? % ON-% Peak Time: 5-95% (Controls the amount of time during each pulse cycle at the PEAK amperage.)
? Background Amps: 5-99% (Sets the low-pulse amperage value as a % of the Peak Amps.)
Typically from 1 to 10 PPS. Provides a heating and cooling effect on the weld puddle and can reduce distortion by lowering the average amperage. This heating and cooling effect also produces a distinct ripple pattern in the weld bead. The relationship between pulse frequency and travel speed determines the distance between the ripples. Slow pulsing can also be coordinated with filler metal addition and increase overall control of the weld puddle In excess of 40 PPS, Pulsed TIG becomes more audible than visible-causing increased puddle agitation for a better as-welded microstructure. Pulsing the weld current at high speeds- between a high Peak and a low Background amperage can also constrict and focus the arc. This results in maximum arc stability, increased penetration and increased travel speeds (Common Range: 100-500 PPS).
The Arc-Sharpening effects of high speed pulsing are expanded to new dimensions. The ability to pulse at 5,000 PPS further enhances arc stability and concentration potential which is extremely
Hot Start
Hot Start Function reliably ignites the electrode
and melts perfectly to ensure the best quality
even at the start of the seam. this solution makes
lack of fusion and cold welds a thing of the past
and significantly reduces weld reinforcement.
Adjust the hot start current here and the time here.
Arcforce correction (welding characteristics)
During the welding process, arcforce prevents
the electrode sticking in the weld pool with
increases in current. this makes it easier to weld
large-drop melting electrode types at low current
strengths with a short arc in particular.
For Standard accessories For Optional accessories
TIG torch: WP-26
Gas connector: M16
Cable length 4M
5-pin control coupler
Argon gas regular Water-cooling unit: wc-100
Operating Voltage:230V 50/60Hz
Rated Power:260W
Cooling Power:1.5KW(1L/MIN)
Tank Volume:6.5L
Electrode holder with cable 3M/300A parker
TIG torch: WP-26
Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
Duty Cycle: 35%
Electrode Size: 1.0-4.0
Foot Pedal
5-pin aviation plug
Earth clamp with cable 3M Trolley

Welding Type: TIG DC
Shipping weight: 30,00 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 54,00 × 27,00 × 45,00 cm

Technical details & functions

Ausgangsstrom WIG 10-300A
Ausgangsstrom MMA/ARC 10-300 A
Einschaltdauer WIG 50% bei 300 A
Einschaltdauer MMA/ARC 50% bei 300 A
Leerlaufspannung 56 V
Schutzklasse IP23S
Isolationsklasse B
Eingangsspannung 400 V AC (+-15%) / 3 ~
Eingangsfrequenz 50/60 Hz
Abzusichern mit min. 3x 16 A
Maximaler Eingangsstrom 13 A (pro Phase)
Maximale Eingangsleistung 7,5 kVA
Empfohlene Generatorleistung -
Gewicht 29 kg
Größe L x B x H mm 540 x 270 x 450
Netzstecker-Typ CEE 16 A 3L 6h
Normen IEC 60 974-1 ; CE

  • AC/DC WIG Schweißen - Gleichstrom- und Wechselstrom- Schweißen von nahezu allen Metallen (auch ALUMINIUM)
  • WIG Schweißgerät mit 300 A (Wassergekühlt - Wasserkühler nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
  • ARC FORCE - Mit Sprühlichtbogen, auch ARC Force genannt, lässt sich die Lichtbogenweite regulieren.
  • ANTI-STICK - Verhindert das Klebenbleiben der Stabelektrode.
  • HOTSTART - Automatische Spannungserhöhung beim Start für bessere Schweißergebnisse.
  • MMA/ARC mit 300 A
  • 2T/4T-Modus
  • Stromregelung über Fußpedal möglich (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
  • WIG High Frequency (HF) Zündung (Berührungsloses Zünden bei WIG).
  • WIG PULS - Verhindert das durchbrennen von Materialien und mindert Verformung durch Hitze.
  • Schweißen in allen Lagen.
  •  UP/DOWN control Brenner oder Fusspedal OPTION.
  • JOB SAVE  Funktion - Speichern Sie Ihre Einstellungen
  • Überhitzungsschutz (O.C. - Overheating Control)
  • Hohe Einschaltdauer
  • 400 V CEE 16 A

Scope of delivery

WIG Zubehör WIG-Schweißbrenner "WP-18" 4 Meter
4 Gasdüsen. Größen: 7, 8, 9, 10
4 Spannhülsen. Größe 2,4 und 3,2
4 Spannhülsengehäuse. Größe 1,6 und 2,4
Brennerkappe - jeweils eine kurze und eine lange
Sonstiges Gas-Gewebe-Verbindungsschlauch: 3 m
Massekabel 3 Meter
Elektrodenhalter 3 Meter


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