Torches and cables


For the most demanding jobs, only the best Welding Torches and Welding Cables should be used. With our welding torches you can achieve the best results without much effort, as the devices are perfectly matched to a varied workday. Our Welding Torches are constantly evolving to introduce you to the latest and greatest machines and to create the optimal conditions for working. If you buy a Welding Burner you can choose between different Welding Burner with different functions and highlights. We also provide all Welding cables, grounding cables, hose assemblies and Welding accessories

We have various Welding Torches to offer for you. The Autogenous Welding Burners are in great demand and the TIG Welding Torches are also in frequent use. The MAG burner and the plasma torch are also indispensable in many jobs, and our customers trust the quality and reliability of their equipment. With us, you not only get individual items at relatively low prices, even with a Welding Burner Set you can save money and get perfectly matched components. We will be pleased to advise you and assist you in purchasing Schweiger burner, so that you can use the best available equipment for your work. The welding torches are very sturdy and have particularly damaged wear parts for a long service life. All welding operations are resource efficient and the welding torches are low cost of ownership.

The most common variant of the Welding Torch is with a transmitting arc. Between a electrode and nozzle, a first pilot arc is ignited and transferred by a gas flow to the material to be processed. Subsequently, the main arc is ignited and welding can begin, but only conductive metals can be processed by this method.

The second method of the Welding burner is the non-transmitting arc. The arc is between electrode and nozzle, from which extremely hot plasma strands and the workpiece melts. This method can also be used to split glass, concrete, and other materials, but does not produce really clean cuts.

For every request we have the right equipment, including Welding burner with acetylene oxygen, MAG welding torch, MIG burner and of course also Welding burner Gas for various works. Benefit from the exclusive welding torches from our company, which really leave nothing to be desired and are known for their high-quality production.