SolarCube | Portable Power Station 2000W, 2096Wh |Peak Power 4000W

  • Operate devices up to 2000 watts with 2096Wh battery capacity
  • 15 output ports for all common device standards
  • 2 induction charging ports
  • Long-life & safe lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack
  • Quickly charged with household power in 1.5 hours
  • Passively charged with solar panels (optional) in 5.5 hours
  • Self-sufficient power supply - Environmentally friendly - Always have your power with you
  • Portable power station with foldable carrying handle
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Operate 230V devices with a power of 2000 watts without any problems.

The SolarCube 2000W is the ideal power station for you and your family when the power supply fails. The battery has a capacity of 2096Wh and can easily run devices with a power of 2000 watts.

15 output ports including 2 induction charging ports

The SolarCube 2000W has 15 output ports and a rated power of 2000 watts (4000 watts peak power).
A total of four 230V sockets with 50Hz are available. Our power station also offers you two 12V Dc outputs with up to 10A and a 13.3 Volt car socket, so that you can reliably supply your devices with power.
Two induction charging ports for your mobile devices as well as two USB-C and four USB-A output ports provide the necessary flexibility.

Foldable carrying handle means little storage space

The SolarCube 2000W's foldable carrying handle is ideal for portability, and its stackable design saves valuable storage space - perfect for those on the go or living in limited space.

Fast charging in 1.5 hours thanks to lithium-ion battery

The SolarCube's lithium-ion battery is durable and safe. It can be quickly fully charged with household electricity within 1.5 hours. The SolarCube 2000W has a built-in battery management system that ensures the battery is charged and discharged properly to ensure long life.

Fully charged within 17 hours with solar panels.

The SolarCube battery can be passively charged with a 200W solar panel (optional) and is fully recharged within 17 hours. When connected to 650W effective power from solar panels (additional cables and adapters required), 5.5 hours of charging time is sufficient.

Have your environmentally friendly power always with you

With the SolarCube you always have your electricity with you! Your self-sufficient power supply is environmentally friendly and can be placed anywhere.

SolarCube 2000W - Powerstation

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Technical Data

Connections - Output

  • 2xInduction charger 5 Watt/7.5 Watt/10 Watt (20W max)
  • 4xUSB-A: 5V, max. 2.4A (12 Watt max)
  • 2xUSB C PD port: 5-20V, max. 3A (100 Watt max)
  • 2x6mm: 12V DC, max. 10A (120 Watt max)
  • 12V car jack: rated voltage 13.3V, max. 10A (120 Watt max)
  • 4x 230V AC: 10A (2000 Watt, 4000 Watt short time)


  • AC input: 220-240V/10A (2000 watts max)
  • DC charging port: 12-24V, (12V, 10A, 200 watts max)
  • Anderson Powerpole: 12V-65V/30A (650 Watt Max)


  • Cell Type: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Peak capacity: 2096Wh
  • Life Cycles: Minimum 3000 cycles to 80% (Full Charge/Discharge)
  • Battery maintenance: Recharge every 6 months.
  • Charge controller: MPPT charge controller, overcharge protection, deep discharge protection


  • Weight: 19,81 kg
  • Dimensions 40 x 27,4 x 27,7 cm
  • Working temperature: -10 to +40°C
Shipping weight: 20,00 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 27,40 × 40,00 × 27,80 cm
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