Pressure reducer inert gas Argon/CO² W 21.8 x 1/14
Codice articolo: ZO3430

Pressure reducer inert gas Argon/CO² W 21.8 x 1/14

Codice articolo: ZO3430
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VECTOR WELDING1® Pressure reducer

Connection: W 21.0 x 1/14 "

suitable for all common household gas bottles (DIN 477)


item number: ZO3430


  • Bottle connection: W 21.0 x 1/14 "

  • The left display shows the filling quantity of the gas bottle in cash

  • right display shows the flow rate in l / min

  • right controller (small) opens and closes the flow (open right / left close)

  • lower regulator (large) sets the flow rate a (increase right / reduce left)

  • Tip: the average amount of shielding gas (argon 4.6) for TIG welding in a calm room is 8-10 l / min

  • Tip: the rule of thumb applies to MIG / MAG welding Wire diameter x 10 results in the optimal flow rate l / min


Application Argon, Co 2, protective gas, mixed gas
Bottle connection W 21.8 x 1/14 "
Hose & uuml; ll 6-8mm
Material brass
Weight 1095g
Dimensions approx. 18x18x6 cm
Flow rate 0-30 l / min
max. Pressure bottle manometer 315 bar


    AnwendungArgon, Co², Schutzgas, Mischgas
    FlaschenanschlussW 21,8 x 1/14"
    Abmessungenca. 18x18x6 cm
    Durchflussmenge0-30 l/min
    max. Druck Flaschenmanometer315 bar

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    1x Druckminderer Anschluss: W 21,0 x 1/14"

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