Plasmaschneider 50A Schweißerhelm Schweißerhandschuhe Zubehör | Paris 500
Item number: C1053SIWM1

Plasmaschneider 50A Schweißerhelm Schweißerhandschuhe Zubehör | Paris 500

Item number: C1053SIWM1
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VECTOR WELDING Plasmaschneider Paris 500

Plasmaschneider 20-50A

Hochfrequenz Kontaktzündung

Schnittstärke Stahl bis 18mm

Schnittstärke Aluminium 12mm

KOMPLETT SET: Plasmaschneider, Schweißerhelm, Schweißerhandschuhe und Zubehör

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Paris 500


Industrial Application:
Home workshops
Metal workshops
Light fabrication
Repair and maintenance
For These materials:
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Processes:Plasma cutting
Input Power: 230V, 1-Phase
Amperage Range: 20-50A
Rated Output at 40 C (104 F):
50A at 100V @ 30% Duty Cycle
Weight: 7 KG
The heavy duty plasma cutting power source
The CUT-Paris500 is designed from the base of full digital control system,specifically for the handyman or tradesman that requires
high quality cutting performance at an affordable price. This single phase inverter based power source can easily and accurately
cut through a range of materials including mild/stainless steel and aluminum. It is ideal for applications including car panels, light
maintenance or fabrication and for use in the home workshop.
Powerful with heavy duty cycle of 40% at 40A, the maximum output.
CUT-Paris500: Non-HF ignition with Trafimet S45 torch or Parker SCP 40 ensures the excellent cutting performance.
The CUT-Paris500 also could be ordered with PFC system.
The CUT-Paris500 Air plasma cutting system is portable and easy to achieve precise cutting.
The CUT-Paris500 plasma cutting systems are portable enough to carry to any jobsite. Hook up the compressed air, grab the torch
and start cutting right away.
Specialist Features
?Pilot Arc for superior arc performance and easy start. HF or Non-HF Arc
? ignition: reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency.
? Continuous Output Control: focus the arc for different material thickness.
? Rapid Arc Restrike: fast cutting through gaps, even expanded metal.
? Powerful with heavy duty: 40A @40%.
? Recommended 10mm quality cut capacity (0.5 m/min, with optional torch).
? Light weight and super portable.
?Generator power supply friendly.
?Auto-reconnects for single phase 115/230V 50/60 Hz input allows the flexibility to work in the shop or take in the field where 230V may not be available.
?Weight around 13 kg making it easy to carry around the workplace .
Outstanding Quality:
?Newly designed using the latest power electronic technology for improved reliability.
?CE Certified.
?2Year Warranty on parts , 5 Year Warranty on Transformer
Description SIWM DIGITAL Paris500
Weight 7 kg
PowerSourceDimensions L380mm x W160mm x H320mm
Cooling FanCooled
WelderType InverterPowerSource
EuropeanStandards EN60974-1/IEC60974-1
NumberofPhases 1
Nominal Supply Voltage 230V+/-15%
NominalSupplyFrequency 50/60Hz
WeldingCurrentRange(CUT) 20-50A
EffectiveInputCurrent 18.6 A
MaximumInputCurrent 37.2 A
SinglePhaseGeneratorRequirement 9.9 KVA
WeldingOutput,40oC,10min. 50 A @ 40%,100V / 27.4A @ 100%,91V
Open circuit voltage 240V DC
ProtectionClass IP23
Control Panel Parameter Values
1. Digital Display
2. Power Indicator
3. Thermal Overload Indicatorr
4.Positive Control- Negative Control
Steel Cutting Capability (Thickness to scale.)
Capacity Thickness

Quality Cutting Capacity (Hand-held) 8mm

Max Cutting Capacity (Hand-held) 12mm

For Standard accessories For Optional accessories
PLASMA torch: SCP 40
Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
Rating: 40A
Cutting Thickness: 8-12mm
Duty Cycle: 60%
Gas: Air/N2
Gas Pressure: 4.5-5.0 bar 65-75 psi
Gas Flow: 100 l/min 210 scfh
Pilot: Electrode to Tip
Ignition: Back Striking Without HF
Post Flow: 90 sec
PLASMA torch: PT31
Current: 40 Amp
Duty Cycle: 60%
Gas: AIR/N2
Gas Pressure: 4.5-5.0 Bar
Gas Flow: 100 LPM
Ignition: Without HF
Post Flow: 35 sec.recommended
Standard Length: 4M
Electrode holder
with cable 2,5M
Air regulator


Einstellbereich Schneidstrom
20 - 50 A
Einschaltdauer (ED) Plasmaschneider 40°C
50A bei 100V 30%
50 - 60 Hz
Maße in mm (L x B x H)
380 x 160 x 320
Gewicht in kg
EN60974-1 / EC60974-1
Maximale-Schnittkapazität (Hand geführt)
18 mm
Qualitäts-Schnittkapazität (Hand geführt)
14 mm

Paris 500 SET Lieferumfang:

Plasmaschneider Paris 500
Plasma-Brenner: PT-31 (9 Dorn, 2 pol), 4m
Automatikschweißhelm Carbon-Optik
5x PT-31 Keramikkappen
5x PT-31 Swirlringe
10x PT-31 Düsen
10x PT-31 Elektroden
Massezange mit Massekabel (9 Dorn), 3m

Manual Paris 500

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CUT Accessories