Plasma cutter with pilot ignition (without contact)

VECTOR WELDING® Plasma cutter with pilot ignition (contactless)

VECTOR WELDING® offers the full range of manual plasma cutters . In the plasma cutter with contact ignition, our devices and plasma torches are comfortably equipped with contactless ignition . You can choose between devices with single-phase or Three-phase alternating current. Depending on the device, you are offered a maximum cutting thickness of 18-45mm - pure separating cuts even up to 50mm.

VECTOR WELDING® Plasma cutters are the best tool for cutting metals. A plasma jet generated by electricity melts the material and removes it with the pleasure of pressure - a precise cut is created. All conductive metals can be cut with this process. Thanks to the most modern, powerful IGBT technology , VECTOR WELDING® Plasma-CUT devices have a long service life and offer full performance.

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