Plasma cutter SET welding helmet, welding gloves, accessories | 40D
Codice articolo: C2040B1

Plasma cutter SET welding helmet, welding gloves, accessories | 40D

Codice articolo: C2040B1
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VECTOR WELDING Plasma cutter 40D

Plasma cutter 20-40A

contact ignition

Steel cutting thickness up to 13mm

COMPLETE SET: Plasma cutter, welding helmet, welding gloves and accessories



The 40D from Vector Welding is a plasma cutter with contact ignition. Its light weight of 6 kg makes it a handy and reliable partner in the areas of installation, repair, maintenance and DIY. The cutting current is infinitely adjustable from 20-40A. The 40D achieves a maximum cutting thickness of 13 mm and average quality cuts up to 10 mm.
This set is a full equipment consisting of plasma cutter 40D, welding helmet in carbon-look, welding gloves, as well as an extensive accessory set (see scope of delivery).


  • plasma cutter: A plasma beam generated by electricity melts the material and removes it with compressed air - a precise cut is produced. This process can be used to cut all conductive metals (e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc.)

  • contact ignition: first-class ignition behaviour, when stroking over the workpiece the ignition occurs

  • cutting thickness steel: maximum 13mm (hand-guided). quality cut throughmaximum 13mm (hand-guided). quality cut on average up to 10mm (hand-guided).

  • cutting thickness aluminium: maximum 10mm (hand-guided). quality cut on average up to 7mm (hand-guided).

  • cutting current infinitely variable from 20-40A

  • modern IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) enables fast and therefore low-loss switching of electrical currents

  • overheating protection


setting range cutting current
20 - 40 A
switch-on time (ED) Plasma cutter 40°C
40A at 96V 30%
mains voltage
1 x 230 Volt
mains frequency
50 - 60 Hz
Protection class
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
375 x 152 x 291
weight in kg
EN60974- 1 / EC60974-1
Maximum cutting capacity (manually guided)
14 mm
Quality Cutting capacity (manually guided)
8 mm

40D SET Scope of delivery:

40D plasma cutter
plasma torch: PT-31 (9 mandrel, 5 pole), 4m with gas quick-acting closure
Automatic welding helmet
welding gloves
Plasma Accessories Set PT-31 (30 pieces) 10 gas nozzles, 10 stream nozzles, 5 swirl rings and 5 ceramic caps
gas connection hose
water separator
ground clamp with ground cable (9 mandrel), 3m
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