Plasma cutter

VECTORWELDING plasma cutters with contact or pilot ignition

VECTOR WELDING plasma cutters are the best tool for cutting metals. a plasma beam generated by electricity melts the material and removes it by pressure - a precise cut is produced. this process can be used to cut all conductive metals. depending on the device, a maximum cutting thickness of 10-40mm is offered - pure cutting cuts even up to 50mm. thanks to the latest, powerful IGBT technology VECTOR WELDING Plasma-CUT devices are durable and offer full performance.

VECTOR WELDING offers the full range of manual plasma cutters. you can choose between devices with single-phase or three-phase alternating current. our plasma torches are comfortably equipped, depending on your requirements, with high-frequency contact/ or pilot ignition.

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Plasma cutter with contact ignition
Plasma cutter with contact ignition
Plasma cutter with pilot ignition (without contact)
Plasma cutter with pilot ignition (without contact)
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Our plasma cutters are ideally suited for professional work in cutting materialstrong> meet the highest demands and deliver clean results. we are constantly working on further development to be able to present you the best plasma cutters on the market. easy handling and useful functions are taken into account as well as clean operation and sustainability. the plasma cutter works energy-saving and still delivers a very high performance.

Our VECTOR plasma cutters are divided into two main groups. the plasma cutters with contact ignition require contact with the workpiece in order to work. in contrast, with pilot ignition, the ignition is initiated without contact

For the processing of metals, a plasma torch is the most effective solution. a selection of different models and useful plasma cutter functions enable the best results for every project. of course