MMA welders are the most common type of welders.

MMA welders are also called inverter welders. These welders are suitable for beginners and professionals and can be used for both inexperienced and experienced welders. Choosing an MMA welder is not easy as there are many different models and manufacturers. To find the right welder for you, you should first find out what type of welder you are. Welders are divided into two categories: Hobby welders and professional welders.

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Hobby welders are mostly do-it-yourselfers who weld only occasionally. Professional welders usually work in a factory or workshop and weld on a daily basis. Depending on what kind of welder you are, you will have different requirements for your welding equipment. For example, professional welders usually need a more powerful and robust welder because they weld on a daily basis. Beginners should opt for a simple and easy to use welder. MMA welders are available in many different sizes, performance and price classes.

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