MIG MAG welder 295A, MMA electrode 250A, 400V, IGBT, for 5kg/15kg wire reel | MIG295A
Codice articolo: M2295B

MIG MAG welder 295A, MMA electrode 250A, 400V, IGBT, for 5kg/15kg wire reel | MIG295A

Codice articolo: M2295B
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VECTOR WELDING MIG/MAG welding device MIG 295A

MIG/MAG 30-295A

2 cycle/ 4 cycle

MMA/electrode 30-250A


suitable: wire coils 5kg (D200) & 15kg (D300)


Article number: M2295B

Welding device MIG 295A

The MIG 295A from Vector Welding is a MIG/MAG welding device with 30-295A in MIG/MAG mode, 30-250A in MMA mode, as well as 10-280A in TIG mode (optional).

The MIG/MAG welding process with its automatic wire feedis suitable for many welding applications, even when working in hard-to-reach places.


  • MIG/MAG: welding with automatic wire feed. In MIG welding argon (rarely helium) is used as shielding gas, this process is preferably used for non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. The MAG process uses CO2 or a mixed gas of argon, CO2 and O2 as shielding gas and is mainly used for welding of non-ferrous metals and stainless steeland is mainly used for simple and low-alloy steel such as construction steel.

  • Settings according to wire thickness: If you set the wire thickness (0.6 | 0.8 | 1), an ampere (A) and wire feed speed adapted to the selected wire thickness appears. The amperage can be changed within the given range. .
  • In SPL Mode, amps and volts can be set independently. A higher volt slows the wire speed down. A lower volt accelerates the wire feed. This is a great advantage when an individual setting is required. With the help of the job memory the settings can be saved and easily reused at a later date.
  • inductance: The device has a continuously adjustable choke. This smoothes the welding current and changes the rate of current rise so that the weld seam quality and precision is improved.

  • 2 cycles/4 cycles (MIG/MAG and TIG)

  • MMA/STICK/E-HAND: coated electrodes are used - in this process the electrodes are arc carrier and filler metal in one.

  • Hotstart: Each time the welding unit is restarted, overcurrent is provided to support the ignition of the arc.

  • Arc Force: Melted material is transferred to the workpiece more easily. Prevents the arc from going out if this material causes contact between the electrode and the molten pool.

  • Anti-Stick automatically switches off the welding generator if the electrode sticks to the workpiece and has to be removed by hand without damaging the electrode clampto be damaged.

  • DC TIG welding ( optional: only possible with additional hose package and cables): Welding of almost all metals

  • Lift Arc: The ignition takes place on contact with the workpiece, then the torch can be lifted and welding process starts with the selected parameters.

  • modern IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) enables fast and therefore low-loss switching of electrical currents

  • Overheating protection


Mig Mag 295a Funktionen


Welding current setting range (MIG/MAG mode)
30 - 295 A
Welding current setting range (MMA/STICK mode)
30 - 2500 A
Welding current setting range (TIG mode)
10 - 280 A
Duty cycle (ED) MIG/MAG 40°C
295 A at 28.8V 60%
Duty cycle (E(ED) MMA/STICK 40°C
250 A at 30V 60%
Cycle time (ED) TIG 40°C
280 A at 21.2V 60%
Mains voltage
400 Volt/3 phases
Mains frequency
50 - 60 Hz
Protection class
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
493 x 222 x 375
Weight in kg
EN60974-1 / IEC60974-1
Wire diameter in mm


Control Panel MIG 225MIG 225A

1. on/off
4. welding mode
7. 2 cycle/ 4 cycle
2. superheat display
5. display display display
8. selection wire gauge
3. parameter setting
6. ampere/inductivity/burn-back/volt


Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (MIG/MAG  Modus)
30 - 295 A
Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (MMA/STICK Modus)
30 - 250 A
Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (WIG Modus)
10 - 280 A
Einschaltdauer (ED) MIG/MAG 40°C
295 A bei 28,8V 60%
Einschaltdauer (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C
250 A bei 30V 60%
Einschaltdauer (ED) WIG 40°C
280 A bei 21,2V 60%
400 Volt/3 Phasen
50 - 60 Hz
Maße in mm (L x B x H)
493 x 222 x 375
Gewicht in kg
EN60974-1 / IEC60974-1
Drahtdurchmesser in mm

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