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Our plasma cutters are best suited for professional work on cutting materials. As a rule, sheets made of various materials are cut or metal cut-outs are produced. All conductive metals can be cut. The plasma cutters Stahlwerk meet the highest requirements and deliver clean results. We are constantly working on development to bring you the best Plasma Cutter strong> on the market. Simple handling and useful functions are taken into account as well as the clean working and sustainability. The Plasma Cutting Machine is energy efficient but still performs very well.

Our Steelworks strong> Plasma Cutter strong> are divided into two main groups. The Plasma Cutters strong> with contact us need to contact the factory to work. However, a plasma cutting machine strong> with a pilot will not contact the factory.

For metal processing, a plasma torch is the most effective solution. A selection of different models strong> and useful plasma cutter features provide best results for any project. Of course we would be delighted to assist you if you buy a Plasma Cutter or have problems with an existing one.

Plasma cutting strong> is done through a very hot arc that causes the material to melt. The separation of the materials is achieved by supplying compressed air or a gas mixture. Often, only compressed air is used, only for particularly demanding cuts a gas mixture is used. The gas prevents oxidation at the interface and ensures the finest cuts. The arc in a plasma cutting machine strong> is caused by high electrical voltage between two electrodes, or an electrode and the workpiece. The arc is bundled by an insulated nozzle and can thus be used selectively.

Not only through our qualitative Plasma Cutter alone, there are many advantages, also plasma cutting is an effective process and one of the most economical cutting methods. There is less influence on the material than with autogenous flame cutting and requires little or no post-processing. The surface does not need to be over-sized beforehand, and it is possible to cut open or painted surfaces and rusty steel. In principle, all household objects can be edited with a plasma cutter strong>.

The plasma is ionized gas, which can lead to unclean cuts during fast movements. The cuts of a plasma cutter may be either manual or machine-controlled. The machine control ensures a fine cut, whereas manual handling requires some skill.

In addition to high-quality plasma torches for industry or home, we also have matching plasma cutter accessories for everyday use and also for special projects.