AC/DC TIG welding machine 200A, pulse inverter, MMA/Stick, IGBT, aluminum | London 2400
Codice articolo: T1054VW

AC/DC TIG welding machine 200A, pulse inverter, MMA/Stick, IGBT, aluminum | London 2400

Codice articolo: T1054VW
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VECTOR WELDING - AC/DC TIG Welder London 2400

AC/DC TIG 10-200A


AC Frequency & Balance

MMA/Electrode 10-170A

Hotstart, Arc Force, Anti Stick


AC/DC WIG Schweißgerät London 2400

Item number: T1054SWIM

AC/DC TIG Welder - London 2400

The AC / DC TIG welder London 2400 from Vector Welding is based on the digital system. It offers a precise, professional AC/DC TIG welding process

With the London 2400 all weldable metals, including aluminium, can be processed. 

The machine works with 200A in TIG mode and 170A in MMA/Electode/Stick mode.Simple operation and full functions: All necessary controls for direct current, alternating current TIG welding with HF ignition or MMA/electode welding with contact ignition can be quickly set via the control panel.


  • AC/DC TIG: welding of all weldable metals including aluminium

  • The adjustable AC output frequency allows the operator to focus the arc to minimize the heat affected zone. 

  • The advanced AC balance control helps to maintain a sharp tungsten needle to precisely control the arc in the weld joint. 

  • Pulse function: during pulse welding, the welding current alternates between output and peak current at the desired frequency. The longer the intervals, the less energy and heat is supplied to the workpiece

  • Continuous output control: Focus the arc for different material thicknesses. Strong for heavy duty: 200A in TIG mode & 170A in MMA mode.

  • Trigger Control: 4T/2T

  • MMA/electrodes/stick: coated electrodes are used - in this process the electrodes are arc carrier and filler metal in one. 

  • Hotstart:every time the welding unit is restarted, overcurrent is provided and thus supports the ignition of the arc. 

  • Arc-Force: Melted material is transferred more easily to the workpiece. Prevents the arc from extinguishing if this material causes contact between electrode and molten pool.

  • Anti-Stick: automatically switches off the welding generator if the electrode sticks to the workpiece and must be removed by hand without damaging the electrode clamp 

  • 10 memory locations for individual setting of the welding parameters.

London 2400 FEATURES:

Welding machine feature


Adjustment range welding current (TIG)
10 -200 A
Adjustment range welding current  (MMA/Elektrode)
10 -170 A
Duty cycle TIG 20°C
200 A at 18V 40%
Duty cycle  MMA 20°C
170 A at 26,8V 25%
Input Voltage
1 x 230 Volt
Power frequency
50 - 60 Hz
Protection class
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
525 x 260 x 445
Weight (kg)
EN 60974-1 / IEC 60974-1
Fan cooled
Welder type
Inverter power source
London 2400 Schweißgerät Systemsteuerung

1. Display
5. Power on/off
9. Setting of welding parameters
2. PULS Function
6. Overheating indicator
10. Hotstart/Arc Force/Anti Stick
3. 2T/4T Trigger
7. JOB and SAVE
11. Setting display
4. Welding mode (MMA/TIG)
8. AC/DC Mode


London 2400 Schweißgerät Schweißparameter Einstellungen

1. Gasflow
6. Pulse width 
11. AC Frequency (50-200HZ)
2. Load power capacity
7. Pulse frequency (HZ)
12. Electricity shifting (10-50%)
3. Electricity increase
8. Current reduction
REM=Remote/remote control light
4. Primary current
9. Closing current

5. Secondary current
10. Gas after-run


Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (WIG)
10 -200 A
Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (MMA/Elektrode)
10 -170 A
Einschaltdauer (ED) WIG 20°C
200 A bei 18V 40%
Einschaltdauer (ED) MMA 20°C
170 A bei 26,8V 25%
1 x 230 Volt
50 - 60 Hz
Maße in mm (L x B x H)
525 x 260 x 445
Gewicht in kg
EN 60974-1 / IEC 60974-1
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London 2400 Lieferumfang:

AC/DC WIG Schweißgerät London 2400
WIG-Brenner: WP-17 (9 Dorn, 5 pol), 3m
WIG- Set, 14-teilig
Elektrodenzange (9 Dorn), 3m
Massezange mit Massekabel (9 Dorn), 3m

Bedienungsanleitung London 2400

English Manual London 2400

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