AC/DC TIG Welder 200A & Plasma Cutter 40A, Pulse, Inverter, ALU, MMA, STICK, Electrode | O251
Codice articolo: T1041VD

AC/DC TIG Welder 200A & Plasma Cutter 40A, Pulse, Inverter, ALU, MMA, STICK, Electrode | O251

Codice articolo: T1041VD
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VECTOR WELDING AC/DC TIG welding device with plasma cutter O251

AC/DC TIG 10-200A

PULS Function

HF ignition & Lift Arc

MMA/electrode 10-200A

Plasma cutter 40A


10 memory locations


Item number: T1041VD


The O251 from Vector Welding is a professional combination unit for welding and plasma cutting

With its adjustable AC/DC (alternating current / direct current) mode, it can be used for all weldable metals, including aluminum. 

With 10-200A in TIG mode, 10-200A in MMA/electrode mode and plasma cutting with 10-40A the machine is well suited for installation, repair, maintenance and DIY.


  • 3 in1 combi device: AC/DC TIG, MMA/STICK, Plasma cutting   
  • AC/DC TIG welding: Processing of all weldable metals, including aluminum 
  • The adjustable AC output frequency allows the operator to focus the arc, minimizing the heat affected zone. 
  • Advanced AC balance control helps maintain a sharp tungsten needle to precisely control the arc in the weld joint.   
  • Pulse function: during pulse welding, the welding current alternates between output and peak current at the desired frequency. The longer the intervals, the less energy and heat is supplied to the workpiece 
  • HF Ignition (TIG) 
  • Lift-Arc-Start: Allows AC or DC arcs to be started without high frequency.  
  • 2 T/4 T
  • MMA/STICK/E-HAND: coated electrodes are used - in this process the electrodes are arc carrier and filler metal in one. 
  • Hot Start: each time the welding machine is restarted, overcurrent is provided to support the ignition of the arc.  
  • Arc-Force: melted material is transferred more easily to the workpiece. Prevents the arc from extinguishing if this material causes contact between the electrode and molten pool.    
  • Anti-Stick: automatically switches off the welding generator if the electrode sticks to the workpiece and must be removed by hand without damaging the electrode clamp.  
  • Plasma cutter: CUT function using a plasma beam generated by electricity. This melts the material and removes it with compressed air - a precise cut is produced. With this method all conductive metals can be cut (e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc.) 
  • Cutting thickness: maximum 16mm (hand-guided), quality cut 10mm (hand-guided) modern IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) allows fast and therefore low-loss switching of electrical currents 
  • Modern IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) enables fast and therefore low-loss switching of electrical currents 
  • Job memory: the O251 has 10 memory locations 


Device functions


Adjustment range welding current (TIG)
10 -200 A
Adjustment range welding current  (MMA/Elektrode)
10 -200 A
Setting range welding current (CUT mode)
10 - 40 A
Duty cycle (ED) TIG 40°C
200 A at 18 V 25%
Duty cycle (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C
200 A at 28 V 25%
Duty cycle (ED) Plasma cutter 40°C
40 A bei 96 V 60%
Input Voltage
1 x 230 Volt
Power frequency
50 - 60 Hz
Protection class
IP23 S
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
540 x 270 x 450
Weight (kg)
EN60974-1 / EC60974-1
Maximum cutting capacity (manually guided)
16 mm
Quality cutting capacity (hand guided)
10 mm


O251 Systemsteuerung
1. Display (Ampere)
8. Overheating indicator             
15. 2 T/4 T               
2. Display (V/%/S/Hz)
9.  JOB
16. Mode (MMA/WIG/CUT)
3. Volt
10. Save
17. "+" Button
4. Pulse width %
11. High frequency (HF) ignition On/Off
18. "-" Button
5. On/Off
12. AC/DC Modus
19. "Backward-" Button
6. Time (seconds)
13. Reset
20. "Forward-" Button
7. Pulse frequency (HZ)
14. PULS Function

O251 Einstellungsdetails
1. Gasflow
6. Pulse width  (%)
11. AC Frequency
2. Starting current
7. Pulse frequency (Hz)  
12. AC Balance      
3. Electricity increase 
8. Current reduction
13. Hot Start
4. Welding current (primary)
9. Closing current
14. Arc Force
5. Pulse current (secondary)
10. Gas after-run


Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (WIG  Modus)
10 -200 A
EInstellbereich Schweißstrom (MMA/STICK Modus)
10 -200 A
Einstellbereich Schweißstrom (CUT Modus)
10 - 40 A
Einschaltdauer (ED) WIG 40°C
200 A bei 18 V 25%
Einschaltdauer (ED) MMA/STICK 40°C
200 A bei 28 V 25%
Einschaltdauer (ED) Plasmaschneider 40°C
40 A bei 96 V 60%
1 x 230 Volt
50 - 60 Hz
IP23 S
Maße in mm (L x B x H)
540 x 270 x 450
Gewicht in kg
EN60974-1 / EC60974-1
Maximale-Schnittkapazität (Hand geführt)
16 mm
Qualitäts-Schnittkapazität (Hand geführt)
10 mm

O251 Lieferumfang:

AC/DC WIG Schweißgerät & Plasmaschneider O251
WIG-Brenner: WP-26 (13 Dorn, 5 pol), 4m
WIG-Set, 14-teilig
Plasma-Brenner: AG-60 (13 Dorn, 5 pol.), Gasschnellerschluss, 6m
Elektrodenzange 200A (13 Dorn), 3m
Massezange mit Massekabel (13 Dorn), 3m

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