400W Powerstation with Solar Panel | Portable SolarCube 320Wh Peak Power 800W + 100W Solar Panel

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Powerstation complete set with 400 watt mobile storage unit

  • 1 x 100 Watt foldable solar panel
  • 1 x SolarCube 400W as mobile storage unit
  • Plug & Play: plug in and go
  • No assembly necessary
  • Operate 230V devices up to 400 Watt with 320Wh battery capacity
  • Long-life lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
  • Charge controller: MPPT charge controller, overcharge protection, deep discharge protection
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Plug & Play Powerstation from SolarCube

Your freedom to be independent from energy sources

Our SolarCube set with 100 Watt solar panel is designed to give you the freedom to be independent from energy sources. Our Powerstation provides you with clean and sustainable energy, so you can go on adventures and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Blackout prevention with the SolarCube

By using solar technology, you can be sure to always have enough energy, even in times of blackouts or power shortages.

Easy to assemble

Our Plug & Play Powerstation Set consists of a foldable100 Watt mini solar system and our SolarCube 400W.

  • Simply connect the solar panel with a plug to the mobile Powerstation Solarcube 400W and turn into your self-sufficient power plant.
  • No assembly necessary!

Renewable energy for everyone

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to build their own autonomous energy supply by using renewable energy. With the Powerstation Set from SolarCube, you can easily meet your electricity needs with a solar power system. This way you contribute to protect the environment and at the same time get a reliable and powerful energy supply.

With the 100 watt solar power system and the mobile 400 watt power station , you can immediately generate electricity and make yourself independent of grid connections. The Powerstation charges when the sun shines and can serve as an emergency power supply when needed.

Your portable mini solar power system with 400 Watt nominal power

The400 Watt Powerstation can power devices up to 400 Watt with 320Wh battery capacity. The Powerstation of is equipped with 9 output ports for all common device standards and is therefore the perfect power station for the balcony, the terrace or on the road.

Highest safety and durability

The balcony power station SolarCube is durable and safe, as it is equipped with an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System), which protects the battery from overcharging, deep discharge and overheating.

Scope of delivery & data
  • 1 x SolarCube 400W
  • 1 x Solar panel 100W foldable

SolarCube 400W

The lightweight SolarCube 400W - always efficient

SolarCube SC 400W is the lightest of our Solar Powerstations.
With the SolarCube 400W Powerstation you can recharge your batteries everywhere!
No matter if you want to use solar energy or just charge the powerstation via a 230V socket
- with the integrated charge controller the Powerstation is always efficient.

Long-life lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery

Equipped with a long-life lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, the SolarCube 400W has
still has up to 80% of its battery capacity after 3000 charging cycles.
So you will enjoy your new power plant for a very long time.

Technical Data

Connections - Output

    3xUSB-A: 5V, max. 2.4A (12 Watt max)1xUSB C PD port: 5-20V, max. 3A (60 Watt max)2x6mm: 12V DC, max. 10A (120 Watt max)12V car socket: rated voltage 13.3V, max. 10A (120 Watt max)230V AC: 10A (400 Watt, 800 Watt short-term


      DC charging port : 12-24V, (12V 10A)1xUSB C PD port: 5-20V, max. 3A (60 watts max)


      Cell type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)Peak capacity: 320WhLife cycles: Minimum 3000 cycles to 80% (full charge/discharge)Battery maintenance: Charge every 6 months.Charge controller: MPPT charge controller, overcharge protection, deep discharge protection


      Weight: 3 kgDimensions 23.7 x 19.5 x 19 cmWorking temperature: -10 to +40°C

    Solar panel 100W foldable

    With the 100 Watt solar panel from SolarCube fully charged in 5.5 hours.

    With optimal orientation and sunlight, your SolarCube 400W is fully charged within 5.5 hours.
    With the connection of a solar panel there are no limits to be supplied with power everywhere.

    Notes on charging with solar panels:

    1. Charging time may vary depending on various factors such as location, temperature, weather, etc.
      The actual charging time may therefore differ from the specified values.
    2. The power station should be protected from heat and direct sunlight during charging to prolong its life.
      and direct sunlight during charging to prolong its life.

    Generate your own electricity

    Reduce your power consumption and generate your own electricity with SolarCube's high quality solar panels. Our foldable solar panels are designed for optimal power generation even in low light conditions. So you can be sure that you will always have enough power available - and at an affordable price.

    PERC technology for maximum efficiency

    SolarCube solar panel 100 Watt 12A is a high efficiency (22% efficiency) monocrystalline solar panel equipped with PERC technology. It is suitable for applications such as power supply for outdoor camping, emergency power supply, balcony power station.

    Direct charging of mobile devices

    With SolarCube solar panels 100 Watt, you always have a reliable power supply. Whether in a power outage or on the road, with the solar panels you can charge your USB devices directly (Only in daylight). With USB-A, USB-C and USB port QC charging support, charging your devices without a solar generator (battery storage) is fast and easy.

    UV and aging resistant due to PET coating.

    Due to the high-quality PET coating, the foldable solar panel 100 Watt is especially UV and aging resistant. So you can rely on a reliable power supply permanently.

    Technical Data

    Connections - Output

    • 1xUSB-A (5V/3A)
    • 1xUSB-B (Port-QC fast charging technology for USB, 5 V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1,5A)
    • 1xUSB-C (5 V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A; 20V/2.2A)
    • DC output 5521 (Direct DC output)

    Performance data

    • Peak power: 100 watts
    • Max power current (IMPP): 5A
    • Cell type / Efficiency: Mono perc 22%
    • Max power voltage (VMPP): 20V
    • Open Lawn Voltage (VOC): 24V
    • Short circuit current (ISC): 5.25A

    Protection class

    • IPX4


    • Dimensions (unfolded): 1275*535*25 ± 5 mm
    • Dimensions (folded): 635*535*35 ± 5 mm
    • Working temperature: -10 to +40°C
    • Weight: 4.0 kg
    • Working temperature: -40°C - 85°C
    • Panel surface: PET
    Shipping weight: 11,55 kg
    • Powerstation SC400 (SOLARCUBE)
    • Solar Panel SP100
    • Solar panel connection cable 0,75m
    • Power supply
    Individual items included in this set